New radiocarbon dates

A further radiocarbon allocation in support of Tom Kelly’s project, “Peatland development and sensitivity to climatic change at two sites in Amazonian Peru” (PI Ian Lawson), has been awarded. This is a NERC radiocarbon allocation, number 1747.1013, approximate value £6960.

Radiocarbon grant awarded

Ian Lawson and Greta Dargie have been awarded radiocarbon dates to support Greta’s project. The dating allocation, “Determining and explaining the spatial distribution and carbon storage of peats in the Congo Basin, Central Africa, is NERC allocation number 1688.0313, approximate value £5220.

Radiocarbon dates funded

Ian Lawson and Tom Kelly have been awarded further radiocarbon dates in support of Tom’s project. The application “Peatland development in Abandoned River Channels in the Peruvian Amazon” has been awarded NERC allocation number 1621.0312, approximate value £5200.


Ian Lawson, as co-I with Simon Lewis (PI), Sue Page (co-I) and Andy Baird (co-I), has been awarded a NERC CASE doctoral training grant that will pioneer peatland research in the Cuvette Centrale of the Congo Basin. The CASE partner is WCS Congo, represented by Paul Telfer.

Quantifying tropical peatland area and carbon storage in Central Africa is NERC CASE doctoral training grant NE/I018700/1, value £79,639.