Dr Katy Roucoux (University of St Andrews)

Katy was PI of the NERC Small Grant that initiated our palaeoecological research in Peru. She has previously worked extensively on fossil pollen from lake, peat and marine sediment sequences from the Iberian margin, central Germany, Greece, and Iceland.

Dr Ian Lawson (University of St Andrews)

Ian is a palaeoecologist with special interests in human impact on past environments. He has worked widely across Europe and is currently working on research projects in the Congo, Greece and Iceland, as well as Peru.

Dr Tim Baker (University of Leeds)

Tim is a specialist on the macroecology of tropical forests, especially in Peru and Ghana, although he has worked widely across the tropics.

Freddie Draper (University of Leeds)

Freddie has a PhD from Leeds, looking at the dynamics of wetland systems in Peru. His lead supervisor was Katy Roucoux. He graduated with a BSc (Hons) in Ecology from the University of Aberdeen in 2011.

Tim Jones (University of Lancaster)

Tim was a post-doc on our first project in Peru and was instrumental in developing the first high-resolution pollen record from Quistococha.

Tom Kelly

Tom studied for his PhD at Leeds, focusing on the genesis of coupled lake-swamp systems, primarily supervised by Ian Lawson. He also holds a first degree from Durham and an MSc in Quaternary Science from Royal Holloway.

Christopher Schulz (University of St Andrews)

Christopher is a research fellow contributing with a social science perspective to the Scottish Funding Council project “Valuing intact tropical peatlands”. He previously investigated the environmental values of Brazil’s Pantanal wetland for his PhD and MSc in Environment and Development at the University of Edinburgh.