We owe a lot to our friends and colleagues outside Leeds and St Andrews!

  • The Amazon Research Team at the University of Turku, Finland
  • This group, especially Öuti Lähteenoja, made our work in Peru possible by sharing information about newly-discovered peatlands near Iquitos. We continue to work closely together.
  • Instituto de Investigaciones de la Amazonia Peruana (IIAP) and in particular our colleague Dr Euridice Honorio Coronado.
  • IIAP is a key research institute based in Iquitos, and has offered invaluable scientific and logistical support and local expertise.

Other friends who have helped along the way

  • Ruby Jurczyk and Sarah Pearl (University of Leeds undergraduates), who both won RGS Fieldwork Apprenticeships enabling them to help us with fieldwork.
  • The Quaternary Palaeoecology Laboratory at the University of Edinburgh.
  • The Carbon in Peatlands research group at the University of Leicester.
  • Members of the UK Tropical Peatlands Working Group.