This page provides information on past and current projects* being carried out by the Tropical Wetlands Consortium group.  Click on each project title for a link to more information.  If you would like to get in touch with a project team, please email the contact person mentioned on the relevant page.

(*More projects to be added imminently!)

Carbon Storage in Amazonian Peatlands: Distribution and Dynamics  This project aims to make a step change in the precision and accuracy of our knowledge of the distribution of peatlands in the tropics, and to develop our capacity to predict and monitor future changes to the carbon storage function of these peatlands….

Ecosystem dynamics of Amazonian open peatlands during the late Holocene  This PhD project focuses on the palaeoecology of open peatlands in the Pastaza-Marañón Foreland Basin (PMFB), northeast Peru. Amazonian peatlands can be subdivided into three classifications: open herbaceous, palm swamp and pole forest. While the last two types have been investigated more thoroughly, open peatlands have remained largely understudied because of their lower biodiversity….

MonANPeru: Monitoring Protected Areas in Peru to Increase Forest Resilience to Climate Change  This project is enabling the National Protected Areas Service of Peru (SERNANP) to report on the response of the forests of the Andes-Amazon region to climate change by developing an existing network of permanent forest plots across the region…..

Novel approaches to understand the state of biodiversity and support livelihoods: the distribution and degradation levels of Mauritia flexuosa stands in Amazonia  In this project, we will address the urgent need to develop cost-effective monitoring systems of the extent and health of M. flexuosa stands by developing a new methodology based on UAV technology to map the distribution and degradation levels of this species at landscapes scales….

Past and present spatial patterning in the peat swamp forests of the central Congo Basin  This project aims to investigate the past, present and future of these newly-discovered peat swamp forests found in the Congo Basin….

Protecting biodiversity and sustainable livelihoods in the wetlands of Peruvian Amazonia  This project is researching resource use and its impact on biodiversity and ecosystem function across three contrasting communities in wetland forests of the Peruvian Amazon…. Click here for a description of the project in Spanish.

Valuing intact tropical peatlands  This project aims to use a novel intercultural approach to generate new knowledge about the peatlands of the Pastaza-Marañón Foreland Basin that integrates local and ‘western scientific’ knowledge, with communities both contributing to, and subsequently using, this co-produced knowledge….