New paper in Wetlands Ecology and Management

Lawson et al. “Improving estimates of carbon storage and flux in tropical peatlands” is now online at The paper was developed by members of the UK Tropical Peatlands Working Group and reflects the group’s ambition to work more closely together, using comparable research methods, in order to improve our understanding of carbon stocks and … Read more

New paper in Wetlands

Lawson et al. “The geochemistry of Amazonian peats” is available at This paper discusses new and existing geochemical data from Quistococha, Peru, and attempts to build a framework for interpreting peat chemistry. This is an important tool for understanding the processes of peat accumulation and decay, and ecosystem functioning.

New paper: Mitchard et al. 2014

A new paper by Ed Mitchard and others, using forest census plot data generated under our first NERC project, has been published in Global Ecology and Biogeography (Katy Roucoux is a co-author). You can find the paper here.

New paper in Microbial Ecology

A new paper by Graeme Swindles et al. on the ecology of testate amoebae has appeared in Microbial Ecology. Co-authors include Freddie Draper, Katy Roucoux and Tim Baker. The work grew out of Graeme and Katy’s Royal Society grant. You can find the paper here.

New article in Planet Earth

The article, Peatlands in the Western Amazon by Tom Kelly and Freddie Draper has just appeared in NERC’s in-house scientific showcase magazine. It puts Tom and Freddie’s work on Amazonian peatlands into context. You can view it online here.

New paper on the hydraulic conductivity of Peruvian peat

“The high hydraulic conductivity of three wooded tropical peat swamps in northeast Peru: measurements and implications for hydrological function” by Tom Kelly, Andy Baird, Katy Roucoux, Tim Baker, Euridice Honorio Coronado, Marcos Ríos, and Ian Lawson has been published by the journal Hydrological Processes. This is the first article from Tom Kelly’s PhD research and … Read more

New paper on the pollen record from Quistococha, Peru

“Vegetation development in an Amazonian peatland” by Katy Roucoux, Ian Lawson, Tim Jones, Tim Baker, Euridice Honorio Coronado, Will Gosling and Outi Lähteenoja has been published in the journal Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology. It presents our first pollen diagram from Peru, charting the development of the Quistococha peatland over the last three millennia. The article is … Read more