New radiocarbon dates

A further radiocarbon allocation in support of Tom Kelly’s project, “Peatland development and sensitivity to climatic change at two sites in Amazonian Peru” (PI Ian Lawson), has been awarded. This is a NERC radiocarbon allocation, number 1747.1013, approximate value £6960.

New paper: Mitchard et al. 2014

A new paper by Ed Mitchard and others, using forest census plot data generated under our first NERC project, has been published in Global Ecology and Biogeography (Katy Roucoux is a co-author). You can find the paper here.

New paper in Microbial Ecology

A new paper by Graeme Swindles et al. on the ecology of testate amoebae has appeared in Microbial Ecology. Co-authors include Freddie Draper, Katy Roucoux and Tim Baker. The work grew out of Graeme and Katy’s Royal Society grant. You can find the paper here.