“From steaming swamp to blanket bog” photography exhibition

To coincide with World Peatland’s Day, on Wednesday 2nd June, 2021, three members of the Tropical Wetlands Consortium, Lydia Cole, Katy Roucoux and Althea Davies, launched a new website, which will be showcasing an online exhibition from August onwards. Funded by a British Ecological Society Outreach Grant, they have developed an exhibition of photographs illustrating … Read more

CongoPeat PhD – deadline extended

We have extended the deadline for applications for a fully-funded PhD studentship working on the long-term ecology of Congolese peatlands at the University of St Andrews. is 18 January 2019, which fits in with other NERC DTP deadlines. The studentship is available to start on selected dates between May and October 2019. For further details … Read more

NERC project “Carbon Storage in Amazonian Peatlands: Distribution and Dynamics” begins

Our new NERC-funded project officially begins today, with the appointment of Dr Greta Dargie as a PDRA at St Andrews. Greta will be leading field and lab data collection, initially working with colleagues at IIAP in Iquitos. Greta has been in the news recently in relation to her pioneering work in mapping Congolese peatlands: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/nov/12/congo-basin-swamps-peatlands-carbon-climate-change.

New NERC CASE studentship award

Dr Katy Roucoux, Prof Nina Laurie and Dr Lera Miles (WCMC Cambridge) have been awarded a NERC CASE studentship to start in 2018 on “Human impact in Amazonian peatlands”. Application details will appear soon at http://www.st-andrews.ac.uk/gsd/opportunities/pg/phdfunding/.

Scottish Funding Council award

Dr Katy Roucoux, together with Prof. Nina Laurie, has been awarded £29,981.88 for a new project, “Valuing Intact Tropical Peatlands”. The project will focus on understanding the ways in which the peatlands of the Pastaza-Marañón Basin, Peru, are used and valued by the communities who live around them. The project will run from January to … Read more

New radiocarbon dates

A further radiocarbon allocation in support of Tom Kelly’s project, “Peatland development and sensitivity to climatic change at two sites in Amazonian Peru” (PI Ian Lawson), has been awarded. This is a NERC radiocarbon allocation, number 1747.1013, approximate value £6960.

Funding award for radiocarbon dates

Ian Lawson and Greta Dargie have received a NERC grant-in-kind, “Quantifying and understanding tropical peatland spatial distribution and carbon storage in Central Africa” (13 AMS dates), allocation number 1797.0414, approximate value £8320.

Radiocarbon grant awarded

Ian Lawson and Greta Dargie have been awarded radiocarbon dates to support Greta’s project. The dating allocation, “Determining and explaining the spatial distribution and carbon storage of peats in the Congo Basin, Central Africa, is NERC allocation number 1688.0313, approximate value £5220.

Radiocarbon dates funded

Ian Lawson and Tom Kelly have been awarded further radiocarbon dates in support of Tom’s project. The application “Peatland development in Abandoned River Channels in the Peruvian Amazon” has been awarded NERC allocation number 1621.0312, approximate value £5200.


Ian Lawson, as co-I with Simon Lewis (PI), Sue Page (co-I) and Andy Baird (co-I), has been awarded a NERC CASE doctoral training grant that will pioneer peatland research in the Cuvette Centrale of the Congo Basin. The CASE partner is WCS Congo, represented by Paul Telfer. Quantifying tropical peatland area and carbon storage in Central … Read more