Talking peat with the public (in lockdown)!

A report from Adam Hastie, who recently took the plunge and was interviewed in a live, online forum, open to the public, about his work on mapping the Amazon’s peatlands.  Great work, Adam! 

I recently took part in an online interview and discussion about my current research with InterSci Edinburgh under the title “How understanding, mapping and protecting peat can help to limit climate change”. InterSci is an organisation led by postgraduate students at Edinburgh University with the aim of encouraging conversations about science and technology. The discussion began with me giving an introduction to my research and a general explanation of what tropical peatlands are and why they are an important component of the global carbon cycle. The host Agamemnon (no, thankfully not the ferocious king of ancient Mycenae!) then asked me a series of questions, including several tricky ones from the public! This was the first time I had given a talk freely open to the public and without any slides, so it was a new and interesting challenge. I definitely had to keep on my toes and think carefully about each answer, trying to make sure I explained things in an accessible and hopefully interesting way! InterSci are always looking for new speakers so I would encourage all of you wetland scientists out there to get involved!

The video can be viewed here:

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