Tropical wetlands in a global context: PAGES C-PEAT meeting

PAGES C-PEAT is a new working group on the long-term history of peatlands around the globe. Drawing mainly on geological (including Holocene) perspectives, the group aims to synthesize our understanding of past change in peatland ecosystems and use that to help predict their future. Ian Lawson presented a summary of the group’s work on Pastaza-Marañón … Read more

INQUA congress

Ian Lawson presented a summary of the group’s work in Peru at the Congress of the International Union for Quaternary Science in Nagoya, Japan.

European Geosciences Union General Assembly, Vienna

Katy Roucoux presented a poster, Abrupt vegetation transitions characterise long-term Amazonian peatland development (authors KH Roucoux, TR Baker, WD Gosling, E. Honorio Coronado, TD Jones, O Lähteenoja, and IT Lawson), on the palynological and sedimentological results from core QT-2010-1 from Quistococha, Peru. You can read the abstract here.

BES TEG meeting

Freddie Draper and Tom Kelly gave presentations on their projects at a meeting of the Tropical Ecology Group of the British Ecological Society at Imperial College.