Round the world in eight peatlands

In December 2020, Lydia Cole and Charlotte Wheeler ran a session at the British Ecological Society’s Annual Meeting, all about peatlands. Here is a round-up of that session, written by Lydia. This piece was first published in Peatlands International 1.2021 and is being republished here with kind permission from the International Peatland Society. On 18th … Read more

Modelling (peat accumulation) in the USA

A short report from a recent trip Adam Hastie made to learn from colleagues at the University of New Hampshire, USA. I recently went to visit Steve Frolking and Claire Treat at the University of New Hampshire (Durham) to learn how to use the HPMTrop model (Kurnianto et al., 2015). HPMTrop is a 1D model … Read more

Report from the latest gathering of the UK TPWGroup

Here is a short report on the latest meeting of the UK TPWG, written by Lydia Cole. (This post was first posted here on the UK TPWG website.) On 30th January, Prof Sue Page and Dr Sara Thornton hosted a meeting of the UK Tropical Peatland Working Group (UK TPWG).  An assortment of researchers gathered for one day … Read more

Tools of the interdisciplinary trade – a workshop at #BES2019

On 12th December 2019, mid-way through the British Ecology Society‘s Annual Meeting in Belfast, Althea Davies (Chair of the Palaeoecology SIG) and myself (Chair of the Conservation Ecology SIG) led a workshop entitled: Tools of the Interdisciplinary Trade: how to make your interdisciplinary project a success.  We were joined by Dr Kath Allen, a NERC … Read more

Talks and TV appearances in Iquitos

During a project planning meeting in Iquitos Tim Baker, Ian Lawson, Santiago Rivas Perez and Euridice Honorio Coronado took the opportunity to present our recent work on Quistococha (Kelly et al. 2018) at the Ministry of Culture in Iquitos. We also appeared twice on local TV – a fun experience!

Tropical Peatlands at EGU

Ian Lawson convened a session on “Peatlands in the tropics and beyond”, along with Claudio Zanelli, Sue Page, Hinsby Cuadrillo-Quiroz, and Jorg Kaduk, at EGU in Vienna. The session took place, appropriately, in the basement, in a packed room. Talks spanned a range of topics, including conservation, biochemistry and palaeoecology, from sites across the tropics … Read more

Annual Meeting of the Society for tropical Ecology

Katy Roucoux co-organized a session on “Palaeoecology of tropical ecosystems” at Annual Meeting of the Society for tropical Ecology (GTö) in Brussels, on 6th–10th February 2017. She also presented a talk on “The contribution of palaeoecology to tropical peatland science.”

EGU session on tropical peatlands

Ian Lawson and colleagues from the UK Tropical Peat Working Group are organizing a session on “Tropical Peatlands” at EGU in April 2017. The call for abstracts is open with a deadline of 11 January 2017. All submissions welcome! The details of the session are here – the hope is to stimulate comparisons of peatlands … Read more

UK Tropical Peatlands Working Group summer meeting

The UK Tropical Peatlands Working Group met in at the University of Leicester to discuss research progress, the group website, funding opportunities and we also started a conversation in this group on the topic of responsible use of peatlands. We agreed to submit a session proposal to EGU for next year and heard about the PeatDataHub initiative.

GTOE conference, Gottingen

Katy Roucoux, Tom Kelly and Freddie Draper presented their research on peatlands in the Pastaza-Marañón Foreland Basin of Peru at the European Conference of Tropical Ecology. A fuller report can be found here.