First fieldwork completed

A team led by Katy Roucoux took sets of cores from three sites:

  • Quistococha, near Iquitos: a Mauritia flexuosa palm swamp encircling a shallow lake (cores were taken from the swamp peats and from the lake)
  • Buena Vista: a tahuampa (seasonally-flooded forest)
  • San Jorge: a forested raised mire

Team photoAs well as taking cores, the team established a new permanent forest plot at each site, took surface samples for pollen analysis, and installed pollen traps to be recovered in future years. The team, which included Tim B, Tim J, Euridice, Ian, Julio, Hugo, and Ruby, spent time at IIAP and stayed at the Tahuayo Lodge for part of the trip.

Coring at San JorgeCoring QuistocochaSetting a pollen trap

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